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POPspot(TM) Wireless - Say It In A New Dimension (TM)

For when your engaging message absolutely, positively has to get there on the spot!

POPspot(TM) Wireless is a powerful, revolutionary, new dimension in marketing communications. It is perfect for events, storefronts, kiosks, posters and POP displays.

This professional, turnkey solution continuously delivers your custom message in unattended mode while you tend to your business.

The POPspot hardware (smaller than a Post-it® Note) broadcasts an incessant infrared beam so you can extend your message to passersby who have IR-enabled cellphones, Palm OS & Pocket PC devices.

Call today and you can be delivering your customized Digital Marketing Giveaway(TM) message on the spot in 12 days.

Two Turnkey Components

Hardware: A Post-it® Note size, tireless, 24x7 workhorse relentlessly delivers your custom message direct, wireless, and on the spot to willing Palm OS, Pocket PC, and cellphone users. Set it up (it's easy), plug it into any standard AC outlet and you're in business.

Requirements: Standard AC outlet

Software: A engaging, illustrated, interactive and color-enabled program that's customized just for you and works on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. For cellphones, we prepare petite and powerful text messages that go directly to the heart of the matter.

Requirements: You provide your logos and graphics in electronic format (.gif, .eps, .bmp, or .jpg work best), and your copy in electronic format.

Two Powerful POPspot Models

  • POPspot Wireless Select

    1. This Post-it® Note size 24 x 7 foot soldier measures approx 2" x 2.5" x 3/4"
    2. Pre-configured and pre-loaded, we send FedEx it to you ready to plug in and go
    3. You tuck it in your hat, slip it in your shoe, or tape it behind your POP display
    4. Passersby point their devices at your POPspot and your message is delivered effortlessly on the spot

  • POPspot Wireless Network

    1. This index card size 24 x 7 foot soldier measures approx 3" x 5" x 3"
    2. Includes all POPspot Select features
    3. Incorporates an ethernet network connection for remote configuration and file swapping so the messages you deliver may be either dynamically created or changed as needed for your particular communications objective


POPspot Pricing Components

  1. Hardware: POPspot Select hardware rental - $1250 for the 1st week, $500 for each additional week; for POPspot Network - $2250 for the 1st week, $800 each additional week.
  2. Software Customization: development / message customization per platform, per program - $1750 for Palm, $2300 for Pocket PC.

POPspot Wireless is an information dispenser or beacon that adds a powerful, new messaging dimension and is perfect for:

  • point of purchase displays - because you get prospects involved & deliver accurate information
  • retail window storefronts - because you communicate with prospects - even after hours
  • product posters and event signage - because you inform with a new dimension
  • unmanned settings - because POPspot operates without intervention
  • trade show floors - because it's carried in the pocket and more powerful than a brochure
  • information kiosks - because you add an intelligent dimension to your info automat

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